Digital Assets and Information in Museums

ArtLens is an iOS application for the Cleveland Museum of Art.

According to Business Insider, the top two museums of 2016 in the United States are #1.) The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, NY and #2.) the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH. As a native Clevelander living in New York, I am very excited for both institutions but I am not surprised to see them at the top. The Metropolitan has one of the most comprehensive collections of art in the world and saw over 6.7 million visitors this past year. The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) also has a world-class collection, but they don’t see quite that many visitors. It is hard to compare any city to New York, but Cleveland is on par with New York on a per capita basis in terms of attendance of cultural events. These two cultural heritage institutions are leading the way for museums in many ways but the one I want to talk about here is how they are operating in the digital culture of the twenty-first century. And how they are succeeding with two different approaches. Continue reading “Digital Assets and Information in Museums”

Social Interaction and Participation in the Museum

GO, Brooklyn Museum,

You might think that incorporating digital technology and having a social media presence will automatically increase participation within the museum and awareness of the museum’s collection, but it isn’t quite as simple as that. The museum is a part of the community it serves locally as well as the  broader community that interacts with its digital presence. Social interactivity and collaboration within the museum is what many museum professionals are pushing for these days, but how are they doing this? Continue reading “Social Interaction and Participation in the Museum”